During four days you will get to hang out with great people from across the globe, learn more about bushcraft, outcraft, and chillcraft. It is not a class but an adventure where the focus is on learning while enjoying the breathtaking nature in one of Swedens premier canoe destinations.

We will stay by the lake in tents or hammocks in a campsite that offers simple toilets, fresh water, and three meals a day.

If you want to experience nature in its most beautiful form, as well as learn some fantastic outdoor skills in a relaxed camping environment this adventure is for you!


We will pick up Canoes on Day 1 from the Outcraft Canoe Center, get ourselves packed up and ready, then paddle to a secluded area of the lake district for 4 days of fun, fellowship, learning, and good times around the campfire.

Day 1
On arrival, at the Adventure Camp, we will get ourselves set up, do some meet and greets so we get to know each other around a community fire and then, have a great catered meal that evening with some kick off presentations and talks by Outcraft and PF School Scandinavia
Leave no Trace
Right of Access
General Rules of Conduct
Fire Safety

Day 2
We will have a good breakfast early and start a day filled with hands-on Workshops and fun Round Robin Style folks will be split to 3 groups and will rotate workshops through the day on 2.5-hour intervals, workshops will run 2 hours. There will be 4 available workshops per day and there is no mandatory attendance if you need a break to relax. We will break for lunch 1 hour after the 2nd workshop and then continue until finished.
After the daily workshops, you can relax, canoe to a nearby island and explore or just hang around a camp and talk with folks
Dinner that night will be catered.

Day 3 Will be a repeat of Day 2

Day 4 We will break camps after breakfast and return to Immeln Canoe Center around Lunch

– Proper equipment and Tool Maintenance
– Band and Strap weaving
– Canoe Navigation and Chart/Map Reading
– Basic hammock Camping Setups and gear selection for Canoe Expeditions
– Elements of Fire Building and the Bow drill Fire
– Carving Utensils for Camp Cooking
– Cooking over an open Fire
– Mushroom Foraging

What’s included?
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Nature Preservation Fees
Fishing Licenses
Canoe, vest, and paddle
All workshops
Transport between Immeln and Copenhagen airport back and forth

PRICE $450