The purpose of the Basic Survival Class is to provide students with the knowledge to survive a 72 hr. emergency scenario, using the items the 10 C’s of Survivability. The multi-functionality of the items within the kit will be discussed, demonstrated and applied to self-aid situations, Fire Craft, Shelter Construction and Water Collection.

Basic does not mean easy, it means the essential facts or principles of a subject or skill. Our essentials will revolutionize your outdoor training by pushing you beyond the limits you would otherwise push yourself. You can expect to walk an overall average of 6 km carrying your gear (approx 15 kg) along with collected woodland materials as needed for projects.


Basic Survival Equipment List

  • Camping is Primitive (Tent/Hammock) and Walk-In Only
  • Food is not provided, so bring adequate food and snacks
  • Electrolyte drink mixes are recommended (Gatorade, Powerade, or Jello)
  • Port-a-Potties are located 400 yards from Base Camp and serve as the only means of restroom facilities

The following items are the REQUIRED Items to be used for the completion of the Pathfinder Basic Survival course. Each student MUST have their own equipment to complete the required deliverable tasks. While you may substitute items, doing so is at your own risk and may prevent you from completing assigned tasks.

The 10 C’s of Survivability refer to the 10 Categories of Tools used in survival. Please separate the 10 C’s into an easily manageable backpack or haversack (shoulder bag) as these are the primary tools you will utilize:

1) Cutting Tools:

2) Combustion Devices: Fire Kit Components

3) Cover: Emergency Shelter

4) Cordage:

5) Container: Drinking & Cooking

6) Compass

7) Cloth & Repair

  • 3′ x 3′ of 100% Cotton Material (Shemagh or XXXL Orange T Shirt)
  • Scrap Cotton material like an old T (100% Cotton)
  • One #14 Sail Needle

8) Candling Device: Lighting

9) Cargo: Tape

10) Combination Tool: Multi Tools

Additionally you will need:

  • All Weather Notebook/ Journal
  • 3 Pencils/ All Weather Pens
  • Clothes appropriate for weather conditions in Southeast Ohio (Check the weather for Jackson, OH)
  • appropriate Hygiene Items
  • Bring any food & snacks that you need (no meals are provided)
  • Bring any and all medications for personal use including bug sprays (especially those that repel ticks) as well as first aid items that are appropriate for the outdoor environment (especially items for poison ivy).

You may camp with a Tent or Hammock and you are not limited to what you may bring. We recommend leaving coolers in vehicle and taking items out as needed during breaks as they are given.